JWP vs Soren

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First round was a feeling out one, I had seen Soren against the ropes and didn't want to rush in in case he let go with elbows.

Half way through the round I let go with a couple big combo's and Soren just stood there taking it without giving any thing back.

Round 2 I was adding more pressure trying to get Soren off the ropes, about a minute into the round Soren threw a right kick, as he bought his leg back I hit him with a nice right hand giving Soren a 8 count.

Round 3 after winning the 2nd I was already ahead on points so took my time and picked Soren apart looking to land hard clean shots, end of the round I heard 30 seconds to go, just before the bell I let go with a jumping back spinning kick just catching Soren on the stomach.

Round 4 I gave it everything I had, I chased Soren from one side of the ring to the other trying to finish the fight, right near the end of the round I caught him with a nice right hand Putting Soren down and out.

It was a great fight for me as I didn't get hurt and got to practice a few new moves, I also had a huge crew com and support me and was cool to win by KO in front of them.