John Wayne Parr tries hand at shootfighting

Thursday, November 29, 2007

After a controversial loss to Zambidis in the final of the K-1 max Australia, JWP wanted to prove that he was still the best fighter in Australia. This was the first time John Wayne Parr had fought shoot boxing and he was jumping in the deep end fighting the Japanese world champion Goto straight off. Goto has also competed in K-1 Max Japan events.

The fight started straight away with Goto coming out fast throwing quick hands and kicks letting JWP know he was in for a fight. After blocking most of the shots in the first minute JWP decided it was time to let the visitor from Japan get a taste of what was to come pushing Goto back into the corner with hard punches, knee's and elbows.

Round two JWP found his range and wouldn't allow Goto land his fast punch-kick combos. Half way through the second JWP had Goto on the ropes and landed a nice back elbow on the side of his neck which the crowd enjoyed. Goto came back with more combo's straight away working away at both leg's finding the mark on a few occasions but most blocked.

Round three Goto came out strong, his corner must have told him he was behind on points and he didn't want to leave with a loss. Both fighters traded good combos pushing each other backwards and forwards. Half way through the round Goto went in for the grapple and put a choke around JWP's neck, JWP struggled to get out but the Japanese fighter had it looked on tight. The referee counted one as this is a big scoring technique in shoot boxing, JWP knew he was in trouble and used all his body weight to get out of the hold and then come back at Goto with long knee's and elbows. After every combo Goto would just check his head to make sure he wasn't bleeding and then kept on fighting.

Round four was another good round for both fighters, Goto was still throwing fast hands and leg kicks while JWP used his range with long kicks and knees.

Round five Goto came out hard giving it everything he had. Both fighters wanted the win and gave each other what ever energy they had left.

During the five rounds both fighters tried to throw the other but neither could pull off clean techniques so no big points were given.

At the end of the fight the scores were 48-48 50-46 50-46 with JWP getting the decision.