John Wayne Parr rematches Goto

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

John Wayne Parr traveled to Osaka for the rematch with Goto on 4th July. The first time they fought on the Gold Coast Australia JWP won on points under Shootboxing rules. After the announcement Goto stormed out of the ring thinking that he had done enough to win the fight. Osaka is Goto's home town and they wanted to make sure everything was on there side.

The first two rounds were pretty even with both fighters trading blows feeling each other out. In the Third and Fourth JWP picked up the action landing more telling blows with punching combo's and low kicks while Goto was mainly hitting Gloves and kicking JWP's check. The fifth round Goto had run out of steam and just stood most of the round as JWP picked him off at will.

When it was time to give the decision the judges and called it a draw and they were made to fight a extra round. JWP came out hard and attacked non-stop for the whole round, Goto returned the attack also but only half of the shots that he threw landed. Both fighters waited centre ring again for the decision and once again called a draw and were told to fight an extra round.

Both fighters at this stage were exhausted but neither wanted to give in. JWP attacked hard once again as the bell rang and looked to have done enough to win the fight. With one minute left in the round, as JWP was kneeing Goto threw JWP with a well timed hip throw scoring a Shoot and under those rules was enough to win the fight. JWP jumped on Goto straight away with hard punches and the ref had to step in and apply an eight count, JWP ran across the ring again unloading with big punches to the head again pushing Goto into a corner unable to defend him self. With twenty seconds to go the Ref stepped in and stopped the fight.

This was one of the most exciting shootboxing fights the Japanese had seen with both fighters giving it all they had.